Copper Sole Premium Ankle Sock


Copper Sole Premium Ankle Sock
Only Copper Sole Premium socks made with CupronTM antifungal fibers possess numerous registrations for claims that no other product, including other copper-containing products, can make. Copper Sole Premium socks with CupronTM kill 99.9% of Athlete's Foot fungus upon the sock in 12 hours. In addition CupronTM's technology possesses multiple patents, extensive testing support information, and has been widely published in peer reviewed scientific journals. The EPA registered the CupronTM technology on the basis of the extensive information package supplied to them, including safety data, anti-Athlete's Foot efficacy data, and additional required information. The copper in the CupronTM yarn kills the fungus on the sock that causes Athlete's Foot (T. mentagrophytes). The copper in the fibers cause the fungal cell wall membrane to split. In addition, these copper ions interfere with the fungus' biological defense mechanisms in such a way as to make antimicrobial resistance highly unlikely. Foot odor is commonly caused by microorganisms that can grow on standard fabric and fibers. Unlike the yarn used in other socks, the CupronTM yarn contains copper ions that are antimicrobial and, as such, do not provide a habitat that encourages the growth of these odor causing microorganisms thereby providing the anti-odor protection for the sock.
58% Copper Polyester, 26% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra Spandex
1 pair per package
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